Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's Theme is Owosso Michigan

In keeping with the Owosso Michigan theme I will post about what I found kitchen wise in Owosso.

Although my original intent of finding the remaining 2 cookbooks netted zero Time Life Good Cook cookbooks, I still walked away with 5 cookbooks and a really cool pie bird.

The Fresh Fruit Desserts cookbook looks like it has several very promising recipes, but then I never met a dessert I didn't like.Here is the pie bird, isn't he cute? When I explained what it was to R he said, "why didn't they just make several slits in the crust to let the steam out?" Ahhh....damn him. So just a minute while I look that up.......OK I'm back. Seems that the pie bird not only let out steam but also supports the delicate crust so it doesn't sag. Here's a link about pie birds.

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Sandy said...

Cutest pie bird I've ever seen!