Saturday, April 12, 2008

2 New (Old) Cookbooks

One of the features, that I am looking forward to, when we finish the kitchen is a place to put my cookbooks. Currently all the recipes and books are shoved into a cabinet close to the floor. It will be great to have a place that it relatively at eye level and organized (somewhat).

I really like old cookbooks and when I see one that pique my interest, I buy it or them, whichever the case my be. In this case it was them.

I'll fess up right now....the only reason I purchased the Amana Recipes book was because it was black and white. I thought it would look great on my shelf with toile curtains and such. And I'll confess to the fact that I thought Amana had to do with appliances (in a way....yes) and not the Amana Colony. Interesting concept but I think they would frown on eBay and well I can't live without eBay.

The book does have some interesting recipes and drawings, overall I'm happy with it.

I only had a second to look at the book, Historic Inns, A Cook's Tour. It appears to have photos of garden and interior photos of old inns with a sampling of recipes from each historic inn.

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