Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pyrex Pizza Pan and Meijer Pizza Dough

I was shopping for small individual size loaf pans when I ran across a cool pizza pan. It was on sale for $10.99 so I said 'what the heck'. Then I got home and noticed a rebate form for $3.00 on the label.......yahoo!!!! I bought my pizza pan at Meijer.So back to the pan. It works great. After the pizza is done baking, I slide it right off the pan onto the cutting board. The pan has a wide lip/handle around the edge. This is a handy handle....a little pan pun.....oh boy...it's getting late.

Also while at Meijer I was looking in the frozen food case for Rhodes frozen buns. Located next to the buns were bags of frozen pizza dough. I thought 'what the heck, I'll try some'. It's the best dough and worth every bit of the less than 2 bucks a bag.I let mine un thaw for a day in the refrigerator. About an hour before you want to use it, remove dough from bag and place it in a bowl coated with vegetable oil. Cover with plastic wrap. The directions say that the dough needs to relax. I guess it was stressed out being in the plastic bag and frozen for who knows how long.Dust the pizza pan with corn meal before you spread the dough out to form approximately a 9 inch diameter pizza. Assemble pizza according to your liking and pop in the oven according to the instructions on the bag.
Remove from oven and slide pizza off onto a cutting board to cut. Do not cut while on pan as this will mar the pan's finish.
What I really liked about this dough is that it gets large bubbles. I like bubbles in my crust.

FYI...this pizza had mushrooms, mild yellow peppers, onions, ham, and green olives. I also found that if I put my ingredients on paper towels and soaked up the excess moisture that this really helps with eliminating soggy crust.

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