Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's theme is magazines

All of my blogs today cover the magazines that I subscribe to.

Of all the areas that my magazines is by far the smallest. But I'm ready to try some new recipes and I would rather buy a magazine than a whole book just for one or two recipes.

Again when it comes to a good all around magazine....Martha Stewart's Living is tops when it comes to unusual, tasty, and easily prepared recipes. I especially love the recipes for summer drinks, both with and without alcohol.Cook's Illustrated is another. This is the companion magazine to America's Test Kitchen television show. What I particularly like is that they explain WHY a certain ingredient or method needs to be used. This really helps a novice cook like myself to expand her cooking skills.

Also Midwest Living and Country Living both have recipe sections each month. Midwest Living in particular will have recipes that allows the Midwesterner to use currently available produce and fruit.


Sandy said...

I get Midwest Living. Love that magazine!

Anonymous said...

I love Body and Soul, I'm even subscribing, which is odd in itself for me. Go green Auntie!

Your fav niece,